Treatment for Sexual Addiction

The Sexual Recovery InstituteThe Sexual Recovery Institute (SRI) is a specialty therapy agency directed toward the treatment of sexual addiction.

SRI provides local programs for individuals and couples residing all over Southern California while also hosting persons seeking intensive treatment from throughout The United States and abroad.

The Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery at the Ranch offers a women’s sex and love addiction treatment program and a men’s sex addiction treatment center dedicated to the treatment of problems such as Serial Infidelity, Compulsive Masturbation, Cyberporn Abuse, Anonymous Sex, Sexual Boundary Problems, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism and Prostitution along with the inevitable relationship, health, and legal crisis that accompany these behaviors.

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Promises Treatment Centers is one of the nation’s leading drug rehab treatment programs. Locations in Malibu and West Los Angeles. They also have partner with SRI to focus on those with substance abuse who may also have a sexual addiction issue.

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12-Step Addict and Offender Groups

12-Step sexual recovery group meetings exist in most major metropolitan areas. Below is a brief description and contact information for each. Attendance at these groups is free — small donations are encouraged. The group meetings can be a unique and invaluable way to gather information, hope and understanding.

SA – Sexaholics Anonymous
A National 12-Step program for sexual addicts and sexual offenders. Mostly males in attendance.
(615) 331-6230

SAA – Sexual Addicts Anonymous
A National 12-Step program for sexual addicts and some sexual offenders. Scattered meetings have female attendance.
(713) 869-4902

SCA – Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
Mostly urban 12-Step program, primarily for sexual addicts. Scattered meetings have female attendance.
(800) 977-4325

SLAA – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
National 12-Step program for sexual addicts and those with patterns of unhealthy romantic relationships. Greater female attendance, some “women only” meetings.
(781) 255-8825

SRA – Sexual Recovery Anonymous
12-Step program similar to SA except “committed relationship” is used instead of “marriage”. These meetings are limited in number but open to everyone in sexual recovery.
(212) 340-4650

12-Step Partner and Couples Groups

National 12-Step program for spouses of sexual addicts and partners of sexual offenders. Primarily married women in attendance. Companion program to SA.
(615) 833-3152

National 12-Step program for partners and significant others of sexual addicts and sexual offenders. Both men and women in attendance. Companion program to SAA.
(612) 537-6904

RCA – Recovering Couples Anonymous
National 12-Step program focused on the recovery issues of the couple itself. Both partners (addict and co-addict) are encouraged to attend. All committed couples are welcome.
(314) 830-2600

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