For cybersex users or cybersex addicts

For Cybersex Users or Cybersex Addicts

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For Spouses and Concerned Others

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For Spouses and Concerned Others

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Untangling the Web

Untangling The Web: Sex, Porn and Fantasy Obsession in the Internet Age

The defining new book about the emerging problem of pornography addition and sex on the Internet. A must have for the person wondering if they might have a problem and also for the people who care about them. More

Cruise Control

Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men

A timely and important contribution to the body of recovery literature, Cruise Control provides understanding, empathy and encouragement to gay men seeking healthy sexual expression. More

Our Treatment

The primary key to recovery from years of hidden sexual acts, betrayal and lies is a strong motivation and willingness to take the necessary risks of honesty facing these painful issues and reaching out for help.

It's Cheating discusses the changing face of infidelity and related issues in a digitally connected world. One of the consequences of the Internet, smart phones, and changing technology is that there are those people who take it a step too far. They may destroy families, relationships, their health, and even their finances in pursuit of a high. The high? The seeking of sexual partners and sexual experiences.

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  • CBT vs. DBT

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy are forms of talk therapy that help you address the root causes of your addiction. Doctors use these treatments to help you manage any mental disorders you have. Although there are several similarities, there are also differences between CBT vs. DBT that distinguish each type of therapy.  Let’s take a closer look at cognitive behavioral therapy vs dialectical behavior therapy and how they benefit you in addiction recovery.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Your addiction is a result of negative thoughts and behavior patterns that create a vicious mental cycle. Your therapist uses CBT in Austin Texas to

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