New Filtering Tool May Prevent Surprise Findings of Online Pornography at Home

Spouses whose partners have been involved with an online pornography addiction call it a true “invader,” and describe the deep destruction and emotional pain the addiction causes. Now a new online filtering tool can help notify others in the household if a computer has been used to access pornographic materials, possibly bringing a porn addiction or sexual addiction into the light before it escalates even further.

In a news post from KSAT, several people shared their story of finding pornography on a spouse’s computer by surprise, much of it very extreme or bizarre content. This can sometimes be a sign that the user’s addiction has progressed and may have been present for some time.

Additionally, when online pornography is accessed without a spouse or parent’s knowledge, children can easily find it and view it. The problem has been cited as a factor in a growing number of divorces, but the new Porn Detection Stick could help alert a spouse or parent if pornographic images have been viewed.

The Porn Detection Stick can search files and download or save the images or sites that may be pornographic in nature, allowing a user to check the images and sites from a separate computer. While attorneys have expressed concern over privacy violations between spouses, the device joins a list of devices and filters designed to help prevent a pornography addiction before it occurs.

In the U.S., the average age at which a child first views a pornographic image online is 11 years old. It is estimated that three to five percent of the adult population is living with a sexual addiction, and professional help is needed to begin a recovery plan.

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